William Shatner, Paris Hilton, and other celebs are buying and selling NFTs. I had to look up NFT – “non-fungible token.” I don’t understand what they are, so they clearly have no value to me.

To value something, you must first know what it is.  Take women for example. In a bizarre cultural twist, we have forgotten what a woman is. In her Senate confirmation hearing, Judge Jackson gave voice to that amnesia. Sen. Blackburn asked her to define the word “woman.” “No, I can’t,” Jackson said. “I’m not a biologist.” By denying what has been obvious and understood since the beginning of history, the culture devalues women.

Jesus never devalued women, but the Roman and Jewish cultures of the first century did. Women had lesser legal status, and men treated them as possessions. That’s one reason Jesus was a revolutionary figure. He scandalized the powers that be by respecting, affirming, and teaching women. God the Son created male and female in His own image, and He values both.

Jesus encountered a woman at the Sychar town well. He was alone with her, spoke to her, and asked to drink from her container. His disciples were shocked when they returned to find Him in a theological, intellectually-challenging dialogue with her. And for the first time, He revealed that He is the long-expected Messiah. To a woman! (John 4)

The historical record indicates that women were witnesses to the greatest news the world has ever known. Mary Magdalene, (another) Mary, and Salome witnessed His death and resurrection (Mark 15-16). In fact, all four gospels record that women visited the empty tomb of Jesus. God inspired the gospel writers to record these women’s witness to these events.

If you want to know who you are as a woman, go to the One who created, loves, and knows you. In Him, you will find your value and identity.

I value the women in my life, starting with my mother. As for an NFT, well, it’s a “unique crypto token managed on the blockchain.” It’s valuable, especially to whoever created it and knows what it is.