Heard In Heaven

Acting out a parody of Barry Black, Saturday Night Live had him praying, “Lord, bless and forgive these braying jack***es.” The man they parodied is a retired Rear Admiral, now Chaplain of the U.S. Senate.  How did he appear on SNL’s radar? Actually, Dr. Black took it all in good humor. It happened during 2013 […]

Be Gentle

Forcing a point of view with violence is, well, pointless. Last week, fire destroyed a mosque in Texas.  Authorities haven’t cited arson yet, but the site had been a target of vandalism in the past.  During the presidential campaign, a Mississippi arsonist burned his own church’s building as a protest.  Isn’t there a better way […]

Popular Religion

Taking questions from a reporter, a politician (who small remain unnamed) crafted answers about religion probably intended to express an inclusive position. The 2004 transcript intrigued me as I thought it might offer insight to some popular views about faith. My goal here is to explore the tenets of Christianity, not politics. People (including politicians!) […]


Losing her daughter 18 years ago was a tragic and devastating moment in Shanara Mobley’s life. It was so troubling that it caught the nation’s attention.  But now the news reports a surprising turn. Roaming the halls of the Jacksonville hospital in green and floral print smocks, Gloria Williams befriended Mobley and offered to assist […]

Social Construct

Inaugurating a new President is an American moment, but we are more “pluribus” than “unum.” Even the joint session of Congress to ratify the Electoral College results was contentious, with V.P. Biden gaveling the session closed with, “It’s over.”  But sharp differences remain.  How often have you thought, “How do those people even think like […]

Jerry Bridges

Introducing you to notable Christian people is one of my pastoral goals for this space. A life well-lived is inspiring.  Jerry Bridges passed away in 2016, completing his 86 years of trodding this sod.  He spent most of his adult life with the Navigators, a Christian ministry that focuses on making disciples.  He is perhaps […]

Welcome 2017!

Is there any way to know what 2017 will bring? Benjamin Franklin said that nothing is certain except death and taxes, so there’s that.  The most common New Year’s resolutions are to work on your bank balance and weight.  Notice that the former is to swell and the latter to shrink.  Don’t mix those up. […]

2016 In Review

Pondering the events of the past year means revisiting the good, bad, and ugly. Before I attempt to make sense of it, let’s review the history. Sports are a good place to start. The Chicago Cubs clinched their first World Series title in 108 years.  The Atlanta Braves finished the season well, leaving us optimistic […]

Christmas Hero

Talking with Johnny Carson in 1987 about “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Jimmy Stewart said, “It’s amazing that it’s become such a Christmas picture.” It should be no surprise since the movie ends in a heart-warming Christmas scene, and a plot theme is full of the Christmas message. Director Frank Capra’s movie portrays the humble life […]


Voting evangelicals are quite interesting to political scientists. One reason is that evangelicals comprise 25 to 35 percent of American adults.  Just who are these evangelicals? Christians are considered evangelical in three ways: how we self-identify, what church we attend, and what we believe. Anyone can claim the label, and no definitive list of evangelical […]