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Faults and Forgiveness

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards recently pardoned Homer Plessy. Plessy has been dead since 1925.  What’s this all about? In the post-Civil War era, Plessy committed civil disobedience by violating a state law that required the separation of races in railroad cars. He appealed his case to the U.S. Supreme Court.  In the Plessy v. […]

Religion or Relationship

I attended a conference where some highly respected people discussed and answered questions on a serious topic.  Comedian Jeff Foxworthy was the moderator for the evening. Foxworthy was so serious as he introduced the men sitting beside him as academics, intellectuals, and philosophers. Then he said, “Now let me explain what’s happening here by borrowing […]

Disruptive Faith

The word “disruptive” comes to mind when I learn of someone who does not go along with the crowd. They stand out because they’re different, hopefully in a good way. I recently became aware of a University of Georgia professor, Henry Schaefer. He is the Graham Perdue Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Center […]

Peace on Earth

I knew it was a risk. I meant it as an opportunity to express uplifting hope, and some saw it that way.  Others didn’t. My social media question was, “What do you hope happens in 2022?” Responses included Jesus coming and COVID going. Some want peace for our sharply divided country. Others were content to […]

Lifetime Joy

Perhaps your earliest recollection of Christmas joy is like mine. But the seedling thoughts of a child blossom into a mature, lifetime joy that survives what life brings – if you really get it. When I was a child, Christmas was about lights and decorations, a break from school, visits to family, sweets to eat, […]

She Knew!

In 1984, while developing a Christmas program for his church, Mark Lowery jotted down a poem. Seven years later Buddy Greene wrote a tune, and they recorded “Mary Did You Know” for the first time. That poem emerged as Lowery pondered Mary’s role in the historic moment that fulfilled prophecies and revealed mysteries. In a […]

Follow the Star

They missed the opportunity of a lifetime. A little curiosity would have led them to witness a miracle. Instead, they are characters in the Christmas story who are not part of a nativity scene. They didn’t follow the star. The magi from the east saw a star and followed it to Jerusalem (Mat. 2).  They […]

Olasky’s Story

Marvin Olasky is an academic, an author, and a Presbyterian.  That’s why it’s an eyebrow-raiser when he tells about his solitary mystical experience. In his book, Lament for a Father,” Olasky explains he was an atheist (and Marxist) pursuing a PhD in American Culture in the 1970’s. One afternoon he was reading Lenin. (“We must […]

Intentional Gratitude

If you could go back in time and thank someone, who would you thank and for what? I posed that question in various forums. People named parents, grandparents, siblings, ministers, teachers, doctors, bosses, and neighbors.  Some stepped in to raise children when the parents could not, or would not. Some loved by sharing time, truth, […]

He Is There

Winsome Sears immigrated to the United States from Jamaica when she was six years old. That was in 1963. Her name would not have been in the 2021 headlines except for her ability to survive a searing loss that few among us must endure. Her grandmother modeled a vibrant Christian faith, which Sears also embraced. […]