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Season of Light

The nip in the air and the Labor Day weekend signal a new football season. Hope springs eternal for sports fans. For some it’s a fun game, but others look for a psychological boost from their team’s wins. The new season is their window of hope. This year, Tim Tebow had a shot at restarting […]

Your Ebenezer

God help us. That’s a prayer, not a swear. How often those words escape our lips upon hearing news of Afghanistan, COVID, and American politics. You do remember He already has helped, right? You have to remember that to keep your sanity. God’s people wanted to remember. In ancient times, God gave them a victory. […]

Worldview Matters

Filmmaker Michael Moore weighed in on the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. “They’re religious nuts, but we’ve got those here too. Their Taliban, our Taliban, everybody’s got a Taliban.” His worldview sees no difference between Christians and Taliban. The Taliban worldview and its interpretation of Sharia law has been on display for decades. They believe their […]

The Reconciliation

A walk-off, game-ending home run is not uncommon in major league baseball. But this was unique because it happened in an Iowa cornfield. On Aug. 12, the Yankees and White Sox played the unique game near the movie set of “Field of Dreams” (1989). In the movie, Kevin Costner played farmer Ray Kinsella. Ray’s father […]

Real Faith

I attended a conference once, where one of the speakers mentioned the name Mo Anderson. A wave of admiration swept the cavernous hall. I didn’t know her. The folks at Keller Williams Realty do. In 1972, the former music teacher earned her real estate license. Two years later she set up her first office. In […]

Returning Word

“I am an attorney and would like to speak to you.”  Those can be ominous words, but it was actually a request for help. Please allow a biographical note. I received a theological education after becoming a licensed civil engineer. My area of expertise is stormwater. This has implications for bridges, roads, lakes, and drainage […]

Reunited By Love

Guo Gangtang suffered a father’s worst nightmare. In 1997, his 2-year-old son was abducted. A 2015 movie, “Lost and Love,” documents the Chinese man’s epic search for his son. He traversed most of China handing out flyers and proclaiming his cause. He wore out 10 motorcycles while traveling 300,000 miles. He slept under bridges, suffered […]

Who Am I?

Jane Blasio’s search for her birth parents led her to discover a dark secret. Soon the newspapers picked up the story, and the whole world knew. In 1997, Blasio discovered that Dr. Thomas Hicks had arranged for as many as 200 illegal adoptions during the 1960’s and earlier. Often he led a birth mother to […]

Honest Unbelief

If you do not identify as a Christian, have you ever thought about why you don’t? Perhaps you haven’t thought about it at all. Please let me help you with that. Maybe you’re like the non-believer who responded on social media to the disconcerting things happening today. He said, “I’m coming out.  I’m officially Bible-curious.” […]

Keeping Freedom

The recent fireworks and our celebration of Independence Day has me dwelling on the state of affairs in America. Not current events, but the state of our thinking about the underpinnings of our freedoms. Here’s my hypothesis: Christianity can exist without freedom, but American freedom cannot exist without Christianity. Let’s dispense with the first part […]