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Martin Luther King, Jr. was an Atlanta pastor who spent time in an Alabama jail. When his fellow clergymen described his cause “extreme” and called for an end to it, he responded with his now-famous Letter from Birmingham City Jail. King wrote, “You speak of our activity in Birmingham as extreme. As I continued to […]


It’s resolution time again, isn’t it? Or not. I suppose any time is a good time for improving, restarting, or renewing something. My suggestion is that if you are planning a resolution, surround it with lifestyle changes that will make it easier to become a habit. Perhaps the resolution urge comes from God making us […]

Passing of Time

The older you are, the more your memories invade your thoughts during the holidays.  You recall family and pleasant moments.  The finality of the passing of time brings a sigh.  How fleeting is this life! Seasonal songs set the context for reflections about time.  That glorious song of old came upon the midnight clear, yet […]

The Wait

When I was a child, it was so hard to wait for the grand reveal of gifts on Christmas morning! Those happy times blended with our family’s celebration of the birth of the Savior.  When we started singing Christmas carols in church services, I knew the gifts would soon follow. During Hezekiah’s rule, the people […]

Marginalized No More

She was a prostitute and conveniently offered lodging at her house. Two young men found their way to her place, but they weren’t looking for paid favors. They had a job to do. They were spies and staying there would be a convenient cover. Her name was Rahab. She confided to the men that she […]

Place in Time

When is the next election for U.S. President? When is the baby due?  When did the U.S. declare its independence?  The assumption behind these questions is that important events are marked by their place in time. We humans are wired to understand things by their place in time. Demographers use a person’s birth year to […]

A Simple Thing

Someone invited Phillip Johnson’s daughter to attend Vacation Bible School at a local church. Though an agnostic at the time, he became interested in what she learned. He was raised in a Christian home but had never considered the evidence for faith. He graduated at the top of his class at Harvard and clerked for […]

Christmas Plot

The Hallmark Channel’s 10th Countdown to Christmas has begun. Actually, they began their series of Christmas movies before Halloween while you weren’t looking. Maybe you still aren’t looking, because you’ve already seen that movie. Aren’t all those Hallmark movies really the same? The title is a pun, like “Write before Christmas.” A career woman in […]

Hope and Truth

Kanye West just released his much-anticipated album, “Jesus is King.” His conversion to Christianity has been met with both enthusiasm and skepticism.  As a cultural influencer, is he a shrewd businessman or a transparent truth-seeker?  Time will tell, as for all of us who “run with endurance the race set before us” (Heb. 12:1). In […]

Suffering Cynicism

A friend and I stopped at a small, mom and pop restaurant. While waiting for our order, the proprietor sauntered over to our table to amuse us with a math challenge. As he explained it, three men went to an inn and procured a room for $30, which they split equally. Later the innkeeper gave […]