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Once I attended a prayer conference held by a sincere group of people. The hours of messaging about prayer finally ended with a brief blessing over the meal, the only prayer of the conference.  A bit ironic? The National Day of Prayer is a call to pray, and not just talk about it. Dr. T. […]


Written into the mindset of Americans is the pursuit of happiness as a natural, God-given right. That doctrine is oft thought to originate in the Bible, but the language actually appears in the Declaration of Independence, and is perhaps its most famous phrase.  So, how do we pursue happiness? Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise […]

Mister Rogers

What TV personality walks into the house, removes his jacket and dons a colorful cardigan, then puts on his sneakers, all while singing a song? Of course it’s Mister Rogers.  Fred McFeely Rogers didn’t create a character for TV.  He believed children could spot a phony, so he was just himself.  “One of the greatest […]

Empty Tomb

Restoring the traditional site of Jesus’ tomb, the workers meticulously removed layers of history in order to stabilize and reinforce the structure. On March 22, 2017, the caretakers re-opened the site with a ceremony that focused on a well-known fact to Christians. The tomb is surrounded by a small structure (Edicule) within a church building, […]


“The sun rises and the sun sets, and hastening to its place it rises there again” (Ecc. 1:5). But sometimes the routine is interrupted by eternity breaking into the confines of time. I once knew a farmer who was out early on a Sunday morning checking on livestock. Driving down the county road, he thought […]

Virtue Signaling

If I was a betting man, I’d put money on “virtue-signaling” to be Oxford’s word of the year for 2017.  You’ve probably noticed it, even if you haven’t heard the term.  When a celebrity is outraged about an issue and co-ops an awards ceremony to express disgust or hate, but otherwise does nothing about it, […]

The Messenger

It was a sequence of events that left me feeling caught up in something beyond my control, wondering what just happened. It’s a true story from when I lived in Haiti. A fellow (I’ll call him KT) in our village always seemed a bit unhinged. The rope he used for a belt around his cut-off […]

We Have Songs

Singing and playing the banjo were not what first brought fame to Steve Martin. His public career began in comedy in the 1960’s when he worked with the Smothers Brothers and Johnny Carson.  Music was part of his stand-up routine, but in the last 15 years or so Martin has made a serious showing in […]

Grace Under Pressure

Winning Nobel and Pulitzer prizes for his life’s work was inevitable for Ernest Hemingway. He was by all accounts a brilliant scoundrel.  He was a master at developing characters with the code hero traits of honor and courage.  It was Hemingway that popularized the phrase, “grace under pressure.” Reflecting on his work, he once said […]

Body of Christ

Flying on the wings of Delta somewhere over the Mississippi River last week, I marveled again at how clouds appear from above. I chuckled to myself as I realized how we tend to describe what we cannot touch with what we can.  Clouds really do look like wispy, pulled-apart cotton from topside.  Metaphor, similar, and […]