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Profound Words

In his 90’s and with a weak heart, he was not long for this world.  His carefully chosen words reflected a thoughtful life well-lived.  I enjoyed regular chats with him, especially the simplicity and wisdom of his words one particular afternoon. He was college-educated in the 1930’s, and had served his community as a land […]

Go Away

The words “Go away!” are not exactly welcoming.  Is it fair to say that to someone that loves you and wants the best for you?  What if that someone is God? One time, some fishermen plied their trade all night, to no avail.  Morning found them stowing their gear near the lake, but based on […]

Jack Barsky

To me, his weathered countenance seemed beyond his 68 years, and his American accent was hard to place. There are reasons.  Jack Barsky was a KGB undercover spy in the United States.  But though his life was fake, he found something more real than he ever had behind the Iron Curtain. A “60 Minutes” piece […]

A Statement

The New Yorker magazine recently published an article in which they interviewed a prominent politician’s family.  One of them made an unusual statement that likely expresses a common thought, and is worth exploring. Here it is:  Religion is the most important thing in our lives.  But we don’t take it seriously.  I don’t proselytize.  I […]


C. S. Lewis imagines the world of temptations and temptors in his book “Screwtape Letters.”  In it, he has an evil creature Screwtape writing letters to his nephew Wormwood, a demon in training.  Lewis hoped that the uninformed would be drawn to it as a sort of a joke, but indeed he was as serious […]


I have never heard an animal ask a question, except maybe “Where’s the food?”  But people have lots of questions.  We live in a world of beauty and beastliness.  The questions arise we as try to reconcile the two.  The questions you hear after a mass shooting like Las Vegas are about motive and gun […]


Most of us probably don’t think about Heaven as oft as we might.  Much about it, as a real place, is revealed to us in the Bible.  But if we only associate such thoughts with funerals, no wonder we don’t dwell on it much. Playwright George Bernard Shaw said, “Heaven, as conventionally conceived, is a […]

Unity in Diversity

The great American experiment is summarized on our currency as “E Pluribus Unum,” or out of many, one. The diversity America is experiencing these days is anything but unifying. Diversity is a good thing when it means respect for others and love for neighbor. If you look closely that idea is really about bringing unity […]


Have you heard about the “red pill” phenomenon? A growing number of people are announcing on social media their rejection of the political correctness, identity politics, and victimhood of their past. They don’t buy it anymore. In the movie “The Matrix,” the hero could take a blue pill and remain in the artificial world, or […]

Faith in Suffering

What does your faith offer when life doesn’t turn out the way you want?  Does it withstand the hurricane, the sickness, the tragedy?  If your faith demands nothing less than a nice life, then it is a house of cards.   Last year I introduced you to Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, a young man who embraced faith […]